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Grown on the north shore of Kauai in rich Hawaiian soil
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Kauai Kratom is an organic kratom farm on the vibrant island of Kauai.

We are proud to offer you 100% organic kratom that we have nurtured from seedlings to full-grown trees. We sprout, plant, harvest, process, and package it all right here on the farm.

We offer kratom in loose leaf, powder, and capsules, so that you can choose what best suits your lifestyle. Our kratom products have no additives, no fillers, and no question marks – only exclamations and sighs of relief.

We are one of the only domestic kratom farm-fresh sources. Unlike most U.S. kratom distributors and wholesalers, we do not import our kratom from outside of the country. All of our seeds originate from our trusted partner in Malaysia, and from there we handle the entire process. Our small dedicated team manages everything from the health of our trees to the purity of our powder. Every batch of harvested kratom is lab tested by a third party to ensure quality and safety.

Read The Research:

Learn about Mitragyna speciosa (kratom).

We are proud to provide kratom to the University of Florida for research purposes.
We’re usually busy on the farm, rain or shine, but we always strive to stay on top of the latest developments in this dynamic field of research.