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High standards, pure results.

We believe in organic farming, high-quality processing, and a pure product.

As the first and largest kratom farm in the United States, we don’t just aim to meet industry standards — we work to set them, and set them high. Our main mission is to make kratom that is as pristine as the island air, but it is equally as important to us to make a positive impact on this growing and blossoming new industry.


All-Natural, 100% organic

Kauai Kratom was born out of a passion for true organic farming. We are committed to a clean process and an organic product. The farm is flourishing in lush green nature under sun, rain, and iconic Kauai rainbows. Our beautiful island farm continually inspires us to keep our products entirely natural.

Fully transparent & always honest

It is our goal to take each step forward with integrity, so that our customers have a steady kratom source that they can trust. We want to openly share the labor of love and hard work that we invest into the farm each and every day.

Rigorously research-based

We are involved in the most cutting-edge kratom research. As a trusted kratom source, we provide the University of Florida and the leading kratom experts with our own product for research purposes.

We are proud to be involved with the latest research and want to share the latest information with our customers. We do not aim to curate information for our own purposes, but rather to share it for the curiosity and education of our customers.


When searching for an environment that was close to its original origin Kauai was the perfect fit for growing Kratom in the US. We took all the elements into consideration and Kauai had the soil, rain, sunlight, and humidity that would allow these trees to thrive.


The first necessary ingredient is light. Kratom feasts on light.
Kauai gets an average of 8.41 hours of sunlight per day, for just over 3,000 hours of sunlight per year.

Since Kratom is nearly impossible to drown,
there is no better place than in one of the wettest places on the planet.

The relative humidity on Kauai averages 66.7%.

The Garden Island was dubbed that because it is a tropical rainforest.
Kratom prospers in slightly acidic soil.
Warm temperatures and heavy rainfall make Hawaii soils acidic.

Kratom is a tropical evergreen tree that cannot live below 50 degrees and does poorly below 60 degrees Fahrenheit. Kauai’s temperatures range from 65° to 85°.

Our Kratom plants have all the space they need to prosper in this lush natural environment.